Inang OFW, nagpasaklolo kay Raffy Tulfo sa pagbawi sa kaniyang mga anak na ipinagdadamot ng biyenan

It is easy for couples to decide among themselves to go on separate lives should they think that they are no longer happy on each other’s arms, however, if burning love already produced a child, it will no longer be about themselves, but the welfare of the children because the awful truth is, children suffer when they grew up having a broken family.

Aside from emotional stress, going on separate lives also entails legalities especially to the rightful guardian of the kids. An Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) mother seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo to be able to retrieve her sons’ ages 4 and 3 who are currently in the custody of her ex-partner.

According to Pamela, while she is working abroad her sons are being cared for by her ex-partner Adrian Guevarra through the help of his family. However, whenever Pamela’s mother would try to visit the kids, they would not allow her to see her grandkids.

Pamela also said that the kids started to be emotionally detached from them especially their grandmother, she suspected that Adrian’s mother is probably brainwashing the kids.

Tulfo’s team escorted Pamela in retrieving her kids and enforce the law saying kids below 7 years of age should be under the mother’s custody.

Upon seeing her sons, Pamela could not help but get emotional to finally embrace them, but during their confrontation at the Barangay office, Adrian’s mother Analisa argues that Pamela almost abandoned her sons and now has the guts to get them back like nothing happened.

In the end, the team was able to enforce the law and Pamela got her children despite the drama initiated by her supposed mother-in-law.

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