Nagpakilalang pulis, huli sa aktong pangigitgit at panghaharas sa nakaalitang drayber sa kalsada

With the unbearable scorching heat of summer, there is no wonder if other people would also have a heated mind and short temper when it comes to dealing with road commotions.

Recently, another road rage went viral on social media after a man who introduced himself as a policeman was caught being aggressive on the road even if he is the one at fault in the accident.

According to Facebook user Michael Buen, the accident happened at Holy Cross Barangay San Bartolome in Novaliches where a man driving a Kia Soul vehicle with plate number PHO 577 came out of nowhere and hit the UV Express he is driving.

Michael said that the driver introduced himself as a policeman was very aggressive even if he is the one at fault; he even hit Michael while inside the vehicle. He said that driver’s vehicle who has a Philippine National Police (PNP) sticker at the back of his car even threatened him before escaping the accident scene.

To support his claim, Michael also posted a CCTV footage where it could be seen that the black Kia Soul intentionally hit the UV Express resulting in an accident. After a few minutes of argument, the driver of the black car could be seen assaulting Michael while he is inside the vehicle.

Michael shared his experience in the hopes to locate the rude driver. Read his full post below:

Source: Facebook


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